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Dean Bourne has taken the Australian Entertainment Industry by storm and has got everyone talking about the new 'Roy Orbison'! It's hard to believe that it would be at all possible to have the vocal quality and range of the late 'Roy Orbison' - Dean HAS such a gift!

Quote "An unbelievable talent !" (leading radio broadcaster, Alan Jones 2GB).

Far too often, the description of 'magnificent', 'unbelievable', 'next best thing' and 'uncanny' are used to describe those unique entertainers who choose to emulate their chosen idol. In this case, there are really no adjectives to fully sum up Dean Bourne's special talent - that of being arguably Australia's finest exponent of the late great 'Roy Orbison'.

Dean started performing at the ripe old age of 10 and by the time he had reached 15 he had conquered the local clubs, pubs and restaurants, but he would find his destiny same years later.

In 1997, Dean auditioned for the talent show 'Follow that Dream' - a showcase of look-a-likes and sound-a-likes. He overwhelmingly won both the audience and judges Grand Final.

Dean's success was noticed by the producers of 'Idolz in Concert', who immediately signed Dean to appear as the popular 'Roy Orbison' in their show.

In the year 2000, Dean ventured into his own fully produced tribute to 'Roy Orbison'. The show to date, is receiving rave reviews from the harshest critics and his popularity can be gauged by the fact that he has filled every auditorium (Twin Towns Services Club, Rooty Hill RSL, Blacktown Workers) in which he has performed with the venues immediately rebooking the show in the earliest possible time.

The hard work was recognized in 2002, just 2 years post inception 'Orbison The Tribute' received an ACE Award nomination in the best 'Tribute Show' category. In 2003, Dean's show has again for an ACE Award and also nominated for a prestigious Australian Entertainment 'MO' Award in the 'Best Variety Production Show' .

'ORBISON THE TRIBUTE'  - with the cream of Australia's musicians and backing vocalists, takes the audience on a whirlwind journey back through recording history. Handled with honesty, taste and professionalism through some of the greatest musical memories of our time.

- Don't miss the show of a lifetime, DEAN BOURNE'S 'ORBISON: THE TRIBUTE'


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